Thursday, July 24, 2008


Ok, I wasn't quite sure what to start this blog out with, I've been thinking on it for weeks. There are SO many stoopid things we do online. "Me" included!!!
I received this email today. Did you? Or something similar to it lately?
Look closely at the senders email address. Looks pretty damn real, don't it? blah blah

Well it says's the f'in government!!! IT MUST BE REAL! Right....Let's take a closer look...

Lay your mouse (no not physically lay your mouse), but postion the pointer that is on your screen over where it says "click here".
Sorry, I worked large corporate helpdesks for many'd be amazed! More of those stories later.

Now look down in the lower left corner of your screen. What does it say? WTF?
hmmmm....well now...that isn't the irs at all, is it?
This is your first lesson on Phishing (pronounced "fishing").
NO CLICKY on that link!!!
WHY? Because what will happen is you will be asked to login to something or type in some personal information or bank account information, etc.
And then, your personal information will be sold on the black market for money.
OR just clicking on that link may take you to a site that downloads all kinda nasty on your computer. You got a backup??!!!!
We'll get into that later.


Anonymous said...

This was very helpful. I didn't know that it did that. I will have to pay more attention. LOL!

CIG said...

What happens if I click on it, but decide to opt out. Does it do anything then?

The Cube Monkey said...

Bottom line? Don't be a dumb ass...just don't click on it.
Now a days, all you have to do is visit a bad website to have nasties downloaded to your puter without your knowledge. You don't even have to click on anything. =(